Tiered Plant Retail Display Unit

$1,888.95 NZD Ex-Factory


tdu-pin.jpgThis innovative system creates a stunning display that draws customer interest and drives sales through easy access to displayed product.
Substantial increases in sales of potted colour have been achieved using this system, compared to flat “supermarket“ style presentation.


    • This unit is now only available with wheels, the front two of which are braked. The wheels give excellent manoeuvrability and flexibility of use.
    • This high-impact unit gives 1/3 more display space than a flat bench with the same foot print.
    • The three plastic trays allow for easy, no-spill operation. At night they sit flat and are watered in the morning with a simple ebb and flow system. At the beginning of the day, they are drained and returned to the selected tilt position for impact display.
    • All three trays are tilted and located in one movement with the  push of a innovative single button .

Variations & Options

  • Promotional or product information banners (A4 size) can be fitted to the top bar.
  • Optional hanging basket attachment is available and this adds a dramatic visual effect particular for entrance areas.

Product specifications:

  • Trays: 2030mm long x 560mm x 40mm. One piece, rotationally moulded PVC.
  • Frame: 2245mm (overall width) x 1700mm high x 1200mm deep (in the standing position). Galvanised steel.
  • Wheels: 100mm, swivel wheels (2 braked)