About Woodham

Woodham Design Manufacturing

Woodham New Zealand has always had a strong focus on successful plant merchandising and retail products.

Years ago John's wife Sally, a committed gardener who spent time and undisclosed dollars in garden centres complained that the trolleys and carts inflicted upon their poor customers were appalling. Sally challenged John to use his design skills to offer a better alternative. John's innovative trolley was a runaway success in New Zealand and Australia. A new business was born and John started to get back some of the money Sally had spent!

Since then a range of complementary products has been introduced. Starting with the round tables, which are now our biggest selling item, renowned for their versatility, high impact, and fully moulded, robust, clean design. Benches, tiered display units and carousels followed, all with the unique combination of 'bottom-up watering', practical application and functional design.

Woodham is a New Zealand-based company currently enjoying success in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and more recently in North America.