Plant Retail Bench Display

$513.45$950.25 NZD Ex-Factory



This strong and light weight innovative  bench display is capable of holding large loads whilst remaining easy to move .It is easy to clean and maintain and looks good for years.

The Woodham bench offers an alternative to traditional cumbersome static and high maintenance wooden display units which rapidly deteriorate and require high maintenance.It offers a clean line high impact display.


  • Single large tray suitable for bottom up watering can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
  • Benches are available with telescopic legs which lock at 700mm, 550mm and 400mm heights.
  • Benches can be linked by both length or width to provide for flexibility, variation and maximum product accessibility.
  • Frame and slats are constructed from galvanized steel for strength, lightness and longevity.


  • Aluminium or powder coated facia as with the Round Tables.
  • 100mm wheels and height adjusters are available for ease of manoeuvrability.

waterbenchVariations – Water Bench Variant

  • This unit is essentially a double framed standard bench with a deeper plastic tray of 250mm.
  • It is ideal for retailing  water plants that require a deeper tray
  • the Water Bench is easily emptied with a standard garden hose .
  • It is light and easily moved by two staff when empty unlike the heavy wooden alternatives.
  • A 250mm deep advertising facia is available for the water bench if required.

Product Specifications

Frame: 1925mm x 1160mm. Galvanised steel.
Tray: 1820mm x 1050mm one piece, rotationally moulded PVC.  Tray depth:  250mm

Additional information

Bench Type

Standard Bench, Water Bench

Feet Options

Standard, Adjustable +/-50mm, Wheels