Bottom Up Watering

All Woodham plant display units are ‘bottom up watering’ capable

This means that rather than watering plants by hand or by sprinkler (a process that can be time consuming, messy, wasteful and not always effective ) the required amount of water is placed in the tray for the plants to take it up through the bag, punnet or tray. Any excess water can be drained off (into a bucket if indoors ) by using the tap or bung supplied. However, plants will generally draw up all the available water. Bottom up watering not only provides for considerable savings in staff watering time and plant maintainence but if used correctly creates better plant health and vigor, therefore reducing the number of plants that have to be discarded through lack of care and water. This alone can be a significant cost saving. Another cost and environmental benefit is that bottom up watering saves water both as an input but also as wastage and run off, for some locations run off is a serious problem.
 An additional and significant benefit of Woodham benching and display units is that they have the versitility to be used for both indoor and outdoor display. Not only does the tray hold  the water which can be a customer hazard if spilled on some indoor floors ,but it also catches dead foliage and potting mix spillage which can be unsightly and require considerable staff time to attend to. It is possible if desired to use capillary matting with the Woodham display systems but this is generally not considered necessary.