Standard Garden Retail Trolley



Most versatile & advanced garden trolley system

This internationally acclaimed plant trolley is robust, strong and stable, yet surprisingly lightweight. Its innovative large wheel design succeeds in making this ergonomic trolley a pleasure to use for both customers and staff. It’s large capacity trays also open the door to higher average sales. Moving easily over uneven terrain, the Woodham trolley is highly manoeuvrable, it’s front-wheel steering allows it to turn easily on its own length. There’s no rattle or clatter as the plastic trays are strong and silent.

The Woodham trolley has been incrementally improved over the years but its basic design and concept remains. It continues to attract industry praise and has enjoyed proven, outstanding success around the world.

Big on features

  • Robust wheels & forks – full replacement parts & spares available
  • Large load capacity – takes a lot of beating compared to heavy, unstable competitors
  • Flexible &innovative – more options & upgrades than any other retail trolley
  • Range of colour options – make the right decision by choosing a Woodham Trolley

“A big step forward in plant trolley design” Bill Brett