Retail Carousel Plant Display

$975.45 NZD Ex-Factory


A High  Impact Flexible Presentation Platform

The Carousel Display presents a wonderful high impact display particularly when used with a single block of product

This flexible and innovative display when fully loaded  really does create the WOW factor!

The Carousel unit has produced the highest turnover of plants than any other display of comparable footprint making it a magnet for impulse purchase.

The Carousel’s robust and simple all-plastic structure ensures it a very long life with none of the maintenance costs of more conventional and more expensive displays.

An important feature is that the overall height of the Carousel when loaded does not block the longer view in the garden centre.


  • Accessible to customers from all positions.
  • Has the same efficient bottom-up watering system and construction as the acclaimed round tables.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
  • The top 2 layers can be used singly or together as hats on round tables.
  • Soft feet inserts on legs.
  • Can be used as a full circle, as a half-circle against a wall or a bench end, or as a 3/4 wrap-around on a corner, or as a single in a corner. See below.
  • The solid black plastic construction provides an ideal visual backdrop that shows plants to their best advantage


carousel-sm-dim.gifProduct Specifications

  • Four rotational moulded plastic segments each with a 900mm radius.
  • Each segment has 3 legs that slot into the plastic segment.
  • Tray depth: 40mm